All products sold are covered by the manufacturer’s conventional warranty and a 24-month warranty for defects of conformity, in accordance with Legislative Decree 24/02.

To access warranty assistance, the Customer must present the invoice received via email after the shipment of the goods. By accepting the purchase contract, the customer declares to adhere to the assistance procedures in force at the time of resorting to Warranty Assistance.

The manufacturer’s conventional warranty is provided according to the instructions provided inside the purchased product’s packaging. The 24-month warranty for defects of conformity, in accordance with Legislative Decree 24/02, applies to products that have a conformity defect, provided that the product is used correctly, in accordance with its intended use and as indicated in the attached technical documentation.

This warranty is reserved for private Consumers (individuals who purchase goods for purposes not related to their professional activity or make the purchase without indicating a VAT number in the order form). In the event of a conformity defect, the Seller will restore the product’s conformity through repair/replacement or reduce the price until the contract is resolved.

If the Seller is unable to provide the customer with a warranted product (repaired or replaced), they may, at their discretion, refund the full amount paid or replace it with a product of equal or superior characteristics. If, following intervention by an Authorized Service Center, the issue does not qualify as a defect of conformity according to Legislative Decree 24/02, the Customer will be charged for any verification and restoration costs required by the Authorized Service, as well as any transportation costs incurred by the Seller.

Please note that in the event of a conformity defect, the Seller is liable to the consumer if the defect existed at the time of delivery, in accordance with Legislative Decree No. 24 of 02-02-2002. Conformity defect refers to a malfunction.

The conformity defect must be reported within 26 months from the date of purchase; this term derives from the warranty duration of 24 months plus 2 months, which is the period within which the defect of the product must be communicated from the moment it is discovered.

The warranty applies to products that have conformity defects and/or malfunctions not detectable at the time of purchase, provided that the product has been correctly installed with due diligence, meaning it is used in accordance with its intended purpose and the applicable technical documentation, following the various operational instructions indicated therein.

This warranty will not apply in cases of negligence, improper installation, or incompetence in the execution. In the event of a conformity defect, the consumer is entitled to the restoration, at no cost, of the conformity of the goods through repair or replacement.

In the event that, at the time of delivery, the package shows obvious signs of tampering or damage that may have compromised the integrity of the contents, the customer must note their observations on the receipt presented by the courier. It is important, upon receiving the goods, before accepting the package from the courier, to check for intact packaging, and if there are any doubts, to accept and sign with reservations in order to protect oneself against any damage to the goods. Subsequently, if damage to the goods is found, it is possible to contact the courier and the Seller within 8 working days from the receipt of the goods.

If it was not signed with reservations, damages due to transportation are not the responsibility of the sender or the courier but rather the recipient.