Products of recognized quality, displaying fresh, innovative design; packaging, brochures and promotional items developed by an internal skilled team of graphic designers; an effective and innovative new media strategy, pushing Lampa at the top ranking positions in the main search engines.Lampa is all of this, and more: a flawless mechanism, professional, accurate, reliable, in which every single gear synergically integrates with the other ones, in order to deliver the right product at the right time to each customer, avoiding waste and inefficencies, optimizing opportunity and costs. No secrets or magic formulas but only experience, expertise, evolution, together in a single brand.



The new center allows Lampa to make use of advanced logistics that can handle orders quickly and efficiently. The adoption of an advanced logistics system allows you to make direct deliveries from headquarters and / or from 9 deposits networked in real time. Storage and cargo handling systems are supported by automated systems computer-controlled, with modern technology.

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